Printing Outlook Contacts as addresses on envelopes

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Is it possible to print the contact data directly to envelopes as addresses? If so, how is it done? Thanks.

Jennifer Zhan

To print envelopes using your Outlook Contacts, you can use this feature to automatically open and export your Contacts information to Word.

Open Outlook and allow it load on your screen. Wait for incoming e-mail messages to load as this is the default beginning process for Outlook. Select "Contacts" in the Outlook Go Menu. Select all the names listed in Contacts for whom you want to print envelopes.

Select "Mail Merge" in the Tools Menu. The Mail Merge Dialog Box will load on your screen. Select "Only Selected Contacts" listed underneath Contacts. Select "All Contacts Fields" listed underneath Fields to Merge.

Select "New Document" listed underneath Document File. Select "Envelopes," which is listed within Document Type underneath Merge Options. Select "New Document" for the "Merge to" option. Select "OK." Windows will now automatically load Microsoft Word. Select "OK," when prompted. The Mail Merge Helper dialog box will now load.

Select "Setup." The Envelope Options dialog box will now load on your screen. Select the "Envelope Options" tab. Set the size of the envelope and the font of your choice. Select "OK."

Select "Printing Options" tab, set the printer feed option of your choice. These will determine if you load your envelopes straight across as you would a sheet of paper or sideways in the envelope holder of your printer. Close Mail Merge Helper by selecting "Close." Your envelope will now load on your screen.

Enter your return address information in the upper left corner. Click on the location on this envelope for the Mailing Address. Select "Insert Address Block" found in the Mail Merge toolbar. The Insert Address Block dialog box will now load on your screen. Choose which aspects of the address listings you want on your envelopes. Select "OK." You will see <<Address Block>> shown on your envelope. Do not delete this.

Select "View Merged Data" within the Merge Mail toolbar. Your first contact and its information will now appear on your envelope. Load envelopes into your printer according to the printer feed option you chose in Step 5. Select "Save" on the File menu, then select "Print," also within the File menu. Once you have finished printing all of your envelopes, exit Word and Outlook by selecting the "X" in the upper right corner of the window.

Hope that helps.
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