Outlook 2010 Windows 7 - multiple exchange accounts - asking for wrong credentials

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Hi guys :D I work within Windows 7 64bit with Outlook 2010 and have a number of profiles holding single mailbox accounts and one profile holding multiple mailbox accounts. My issue is that no matter which profile I log into to I get a mixture of credential security windows asking for login details. So I might get the prompt for one exchange account but with the email address for another exchange account as the username.

I have to flick between the multiple profile account and the individual ones as some clients work heavily with categories and the public folders take the category list from the main account within the profile. All very confusing but I've got my head round it except for the annoying login requests.

I'm pretty much an Office power user but I'm not the server administrator so can't access that. I've been into Credentials and deleted everything related that is saved under Windows and Generic Credentials but I'm still getting prompted for the wrong accounts.

Incidentally, everything was working fine within the multiple profile account until I had to create the accounts as individuals as well.

Any ideas very much appreciated :D



Are you seeing the credentials prompt when you launch Outlook 2010? And are you saying that the cred dialog box contains the last logged in account you did, which means you have to type in the different username?

Sorry to make you repeat yourself, but here's what I took from your post:

1. Open Outlook in Profile #1 for User1@domain.com ---Get prompted for username\password. Enter and go into Outlook.

2. Close Outlook

3. Open Outlook in Profile #2 for User2@domain.com --Get prompted for username\password, but noticing that User1's pre-populated in the credentials dialog. You have to type in User2's username\password and then proceed into Outlook.

Is this what you are asking about?

What would you like to see happen?

Thanks and take care,

Jahawk MSFT


I need to reply to this because it has been driving me nuts.

First off, to what Jahawk was saying, you can teach each profile to default to the correct username/password. But, what fails, is when you have multiple Exchange mailboxes in one profile.

I happen to have three exchange mailboxes, each on their own domain, but each served from the same exchange server. That may be the issue with the bug, behind the scenes all three communicate via HTTP/RPC to the same front-end. But internally they are bound to three different domains.

Each time I open Outlook 2010 on win7 x64, I get prompted for passwords.

So, I have three accounts: frank@oconnors.org, foconnor@digitalsolutionsllc.net, frank@hydragroup.net. Each of these accounts are tied to their own domain account. I use UPN syntax to log in to each.

First account in my inbox is " frank@oconnors.org" . I get prompted with the Authentication tiles connect dialog box, it says:

" Connecting to frank@oconnors.org"

Two authentication tiles are listed:

1. frank@hydragroup.net, no password.

2. Use another account.

It just so happens " frank@hydragroup.net" is the last one I fill out each time, so it's the first one offered.

So I fill out " use another account" and put in my frank@oconnors.org credentials, and choose to Remeber Credentials.

Immediately, after hitting OK, I get a new prompt, its:

" Connecting to foconnor@digitalsolutionsllc.net"

It offers:

1. frank@hydragroup.net, no password.

2. Use another account.

I choose to 2, and put in my digitalsolutions info. I ask it to remeber my credentials.

Now, it'll bring up my inbox's. It does not ask me for credentials to my HydraGroup account, because that happens to be the one I entered last time I used outlook.

Now, if i close outlook, and re-open it, It will default to " foconnor@digitalsolutionsllc.net" as the default crednetials it stored. Meaning I'll have to fill out the authentication dialog for oconnors.org and now hydragroup.net

Basically, it remebers the last credential entered as valid for the whole profile. My guess is this is because my exchange server 'name' is the same for all three. It needs to store the credentials indexed by the email address.
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