Calendar Appointments to Lotus Notes User via Outlook 2007 Fails

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One of our users, using Outlook 2007, is trying to send an appointment to another user who is using Lotus Notes. The calendar item gets stuck in our Exchange 2003 SMTP queue and eventually the delivery fails. Emails sent from Outlook 2007 to Lotus Notes are delivered fine. As a test, we sent the same calendar appointment to the same Lotus Notes users using Outlook 2003 and it seems to have been delivered just fine. I can't seem to find anything online regarding this issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Sally Tang


This issue might occur as the Lotus Notes Server cannot correctly route meeting requests to the domain where the Exchange user resides. By default, the configuration document for a foreign domain in Lotus Notes does not contain a path to a calendar server.

You may try the suggestions here to solve the issue:

Best Regards,

Sally Tang


Hi Sally,

Thanks for the reply and sorry for not geting back to you sooner. We are an Exchange shop that's trying to send an appointment to a Lotus Notes shop so not sure if this applies. It may, but the IT person on the other end would need to check on their end. Just as an FYI, I just noticed this morning that the same thing happens when sending appointments to someone who uses Postini.

Any suggestions?


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