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just recently the whole of my outlook inbox disappeared.. Sent items/deleted items etc were all ok. I checked the .pst files and found an outlook pst file of 293mb.. So it looks like all the data is there. However, when i try to open this file (in outlook/open outlook data file) all i get is my standard outlook display, with no items in it. Just to check this file had something in it, and it wasn't just a blank file with a big space allocation, i opened it in notepad, and though the contents were hieroglyphic, i can tell there is a lot of data in there.

so.. i tried to run "detect & repair" but it comes up with a message saying M3561404.CAB file is missing and asks me to insert the installation CD. Fine - i do that, but it still says it can't find that file, even though, if i open the CD manually i can see it there. Any suggestions as to how to get at the info in the pst file? Do i need to pay for 3rd party software & if i do, is it guaranteed to work? If i uninstall/reinstall office might i then be able to repair the file? If i do that what will happen to all my current outlook items & contacts? I'm running MS Office 2003 & XP pro atm & i'm not running MS Exchange..

Jennifer Zhan


First, I suggest you uninstalling office and reinstall it. It may solve the problem by application errors but without business of PST file.

After you reinstalling office, if you still cannot see your inbox, try to repair PST file by using Inbox Repair Tool. How to repair PST file, you can refer to this article:

Another method you may try is creating a new outlook profile.

How to create and configure an email profile in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2003, you can see this KB article:

Hope that helps.


thanks for the response Jennifer.. from my original message:

<<<If i uninstall/reinstall office might i then be able to repair the file? If i do that what will happen to all my current outlook items & contacts? I'm running MS Office 2003 & XP pro atm & i'm not running MS Exchange..>>>

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