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I have installed Microsoft Office 2002 (XP) on a Window 7 machine. When I type in a other language and want to use spelling. I have the possibility to select the language. Click OK, when I go back it is on the same settings before I changed it. I have tried to start as an administrator with no luck. I know also it is not supported but to by 750 new licenses is a little expensive and also there is a lot of code you don't want to rewrite. We will get rid of that code over a year, so then we go look for a new office version. But we have to use this version of office for now.

We don't use Word as mail editor.

Does anyone have a clue?

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Harry Yuan


From your description , I understand that you want to use spell check normally.

If there is any misunderstanding, please feel free to let me know.

Troubleshoot Spell Check

1. Highlight a word in an email message and right-click on it to see if a spell check option becomes available.

2. See if spell check was disabled by clicking on "Tools," then "Options." If the "Spelling" option is grayed out and cannot be selected, Outlook does not register any spelling program it can use.

3. Test the spell check in your version of Microsoft Word, since Outlook uses the same basic application from Word. If Word is suffering problems, it will likely affect Outlook's performance.


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