Outlook 2007 - Shared Calendar - Who created appointment?

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I created a team calendar and shared it with a group of people, they have full editor permission to the calendar.

Questions have been asked about some of the appointments that have been created in this shared calendar, namely who created each appointment? Following advice from many forums, I have used a table view (Active appointments) and have added the organiser / from field to the view. All appointments show that I am the " from" even though I did not create the appointments.

How can we find out which member of the group who share this calendar have created appointments? I did think that it would show if we opened the appointment, bottom left corner would show last modified by, but this also always shows my name.

I can ask them to always put their name or initials in the subject (or body of appointment) but they might forget to do it.

thanks for your advice, KK

Jennifer Zhan


You can try following steps:

1. On the View menu, point to Arrange By, point to Current View, and then click Active Appointments.
2. Move the mouse pointer to one of the column headings (such as Subject), and then right-click that heading. Click Field Chooser in on the shortcut menu.
3. In the Field Chooser, change from Frequently-used fields to All Appointment fields.
4. Click Organizer, and then drag Organizer to the column heading area. You see red arrows appear that indicate the column heading's position. Release the mouse button when you have the field where you want it.
5. In the Field Chooser, change from All Appointment fields to Date/Time fields.
6. Click Created, and then drag Created to the column heading area. You see red arrows appear that indicate the column heading's position. Release the mouse button when you have the field where you want it.
7. Close the Field Chooser, and then expand the columns if needed.

Hope that helps.


Hi Jennifer

I have tried this, organiser turns into From in my calendar views, all appointments show me as organiser / from even though I did not enter the appointment into the calendar.

I think I am just going to have to accept this fault and ask everyone to put their initials into the details of the appointment.


I tried the steps listed above and the calendar owner is always listed as the Organizer. You can use the MFCMAPI utility to see the raw properties of the appointments: the name of the user who created the meeting is listed as PR_CREATOR_NAME. The most recent version of MFCMAPI can be downloaded from http://mfcmapi.codeplex.com/. Create a profile for the shared calendar and then open it with MFCMAPI, double click on Mailbox, expand Root Container and then Top of Information Store, right click the Calendar and select Open Contents Table, highlight the meeting you are interested in and look for the PR_CREATOR_NAME value. This is a bit of a bother, but it will work. It may be easier to make it a policy for whoever creates an appointment to enter their name and use this to find out who doesn't.TBrennan


Thank you for the advice. We have discovered that if the appointment is created first in the person's own calendar, and then they drag and drop it onto the shared calendar, their name shows in From / Organiser, not mine.

thanks again, KK
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