configuring outlook 2010 through macros

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sahil vij

I am working on outlook 2010.I have to configure the outlook for autoreply through macros for some users.Can anyone send the some document regarding the configuration of outlook.

Thanks and Regards,

Sahil Vij

Infosys Technologies Limited,


Jennifer Zhan


See here:

You may try the code provided by elshonno, I quote it here:

Sub CustomMailMessageRule(Item As Outlook.MailItem)

Dim Msg As Outlook.MailItem
Dim MsgReply As Outlook.MailItem
Dim strGreetName As String
Dim lGreetType As Long
Dim strSubjectLine As String

' set reference to open/selected mail item
On Error Resume Next
Select Case TypeName(Application.ActiveWindow)
Case "Explorer"
Set Msg = ActiveExplorer.Selection.Item(1)
Case "Inspector"
Set Msg = ActiveInspector.CurrentItem
Case Else
End Select
On Error GoTo 0

If Msg Is Nothing Then GoTo ExitProc

strSubjectLine = Msg.Subject

On Error Resume Next
lGreetType = 1
On Error GoTo 0

If lGreetType = False Then GoTo ExitProc

If lGreetType = 1 Then
strGreetName = Left$(Msg.SenderName, InStr(1, Msg.SenderName, " ") + 20)

GoTo ExitProc
End If

Set MsgReply = Msg.Reply

With MsgReply
.Subject = "Re " & Msg.Subject
.HTMLBody = "<span style=""font-family : verdana;font-size : 10pt""><p>Hello " & strGreetName & " <p><p><p> Thank you for contacting the Support Centre <p><p><p> Your email has been received with the description of: " & strSubjectLine & " </p></span>" & .HTMLBody


End With

Set Msg = Nothing
Set MsgReply = Nothing
End Sub
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