Add room button missing when create meeting requset

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Hi there,

I have currently setup some resources calendar for my company. But when im testing them out, i realized that the " Room" button which supposed to be next to " Location" is missing, and i cannot find it in the scheduling assistant either.

Our company is using outlook 2007 and exchange 2003. Could this be the reason causing should problem?

Without the " Room" button, we are not able to use the resources calendar properly.

Is there some settings/ registry change to enable that button again?

Teresa Walker

Hi Derwick,

Yes, that is the reason that you are not seeing the Room button. Unfortunately, there is no setting or registry key that will enable this button for you while connecting to Exchange 2003. Exchange 2007 provided a new funcationality which is the ability to create a mailbox as a Room Mailbox so when Outlook 2007 connects to Exchange 2007 you should see the Room button.
In Exchange 2003 you have the ability to setup Direct Booking or Auto Accept Agent, but neither of these are a Room type mailbox. Exchange 2003 does not differentitate between a Room Mailbox and a User Mailbox.

Regards, Teresa Microsoft Online Community Support
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