Outlook 2007 Tracking bug?

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An admin asked me why when she has sent out an email invite to people and they respond back with accept or decline, that when she goes to the tracking feature and unchecks the box beside their name NOT to receive any more emails, they still get them?

Even in tracking when you uncheck the box, a tool tip comes up saying do not send email - but Outlook does.

They are not in some secret group, just a simple list of names who responded.

She has to copy the tracking list from Outlook and put it into Excel to keep some sanity.

As well, when sending out an email blast and REMOVING a person's email from the group name, then send, the person still gets that email as well.

This happens from her home computer besides work.

Any idea how to make sure users don't get emails?


Hi Thomas,

I'll refer to your other post for most of my response: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/outlook/thread/e4b4b723-a80e-4578-80ab-1563e16c8055

When the Attendee is de-selected, "Send meeting to this attendee" is unchecked and a Cancellation is sent to the removed attendee.

This will not remove the attendee from Scheduling Assistant or Tracking, though. The attendee will still be listed, but they're a non-sendable recipient\attendee of the meeting.
A quick test from Outlook 2007 is to have the Organizer uncheck an Attendee. To save changes, an Update has to be sent and that attendee will be sent a cancellation. Have the Organizer open the Appointment again and on the To: line will be the checked Attendees\Recipients of the meeting. If you see the unchecked person on the To: line, something else is going on.

Check for any COM Add-ins loading along with Outlook 2007.

Dump the properties of the appointment and check the recipient table.

Does this affect all meetings the Organizer creates?

What are the exact steps to reproduce the issue?

One thing I would check would be handheld devices and other clients. Does the appointment have the updated Attendee\Recipient list? Does the uncheck attendee still show checked anywhere else?

Last thing, make sure the user is up to at least SP2 for Outlook 2007. Hundreds of issues were resolved by SP2 and the majority seemed to be Calendar-related. And, open a support incident to have the latest Cumulative Update for Outlook 2007 SP2 sent to you. --The incident will be "no charge", since you're obtaining a patch.

Hope that gets you started!

Jahawk MSFT
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