Scheduling Assistant Causes Outlook 2007 to Crash and Restart

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Paul A Collins

HI, I have an issue affecting a significant percentage of Outlook 2007 clients on my network. When I click the scheduling assistant either via a new appointment or an existing appointment. I see an hour glass for a few moments and then Outlook 2007 crashes and restarts. This doesn't impact all users and if a user who is experiencing the issue uses a PC where of a user not having the issue then the scheduling assistant works OK. So it would look like the error is tied to the PC not the user. The hotfix in kb958934 does not apply to me as this does not apply for R2 editions of Windows 2008 server.

Running Exchange 2010 SP1 on Windows 2008 R2.

If anyone has had a similar issue and resolved it then I would be interested in how you resolved this. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the response. After performing some further investigations I found the clients that didn't work were missing the following Windows Update After installing this I can now click on the Scheduling Assistant tab without any issues. I have deployed the update to several impacted clients and the results are consistent. Thanks for the replies.
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