Outlook 2010 with BCM - Database Connection problems using Windows 7 Clients

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We have deployed Outlook 2010 Standard with BCM on 1x Windows 7 Pro box to act as an interim server until we migrate to exchange

2x Vista clients that have been upgraded from office 2007 to office 2010 with bcm can access the shared sql database on the Windows 7 pro box no problem using office LAN.

My own Laptop has had a fresh install of Windows 7/Outlook 2010 with BCM, but cannot connect to the shared sql server via the same LAN.

I can ping the server, browse the shares, even see the MSSMLBIZ share created by BCM.

Message : The computer xxx-Server does not contain and shared Business Contact Manager databases, Please confirm that a shared Buisiness Contact Manager database is stored on the computer.

I have checked the ports are open on 5356, and even disabled wirewalls etc..

Users (using Workgroups) have been replicated from the client machines onto the Windows 7 box acting as a server. permissions have been changed to Administrator after creation of user/temp password in BCM.

I'm now at a loss, as there is limited info on BCM 2010 networking issues.

Any help for a slightly techie appreciated....
Not open for further replies.