i have created a pst file and set it as default but the mails that i am receiving go into the Mailbo

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hi ,

My issue is that i have created a pst file and set it as default in outlook 2010. So i expect the mails to be downloaded in to this pst file however the mails that i am receiving go into the Mailbox instead to going into the pst file. I tried restarting the Outlook but this did not help the mails still continue to fall in my Mailbox (i.e OST file created during Account creation).

I tried installing outlook 2010 on another system but was of no use since encountered the same issue there as well .

Why is it that in Outlook 2010 the mails go to the Mailbox(ost) even if we set a .pst file as default location for mails.Is there any settings that we need to change for the same. Currently i m manuaaly moving the mails from the mailbox (ost file ) to .pst



Harry Yuan


Within Outlook, go to Options, E-mail Accounts, View or Change existing e-mail accounts (Next).

Within this window (E-mail Accounts) you will see Microsoft Exchange Server and type Exchange as default.

AT the bottom you should see " deliver new e-mail to the following location. Point this to your PST files.

You can also set a rule to move all emails addressed to the exchange address to a certain folder in your PST files.


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