Outlook 2007 Copy-Paste problems

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I had thought by now, that when I work with MS Word, anything I copy, than paste onto Outlook to send to someone, the Type Set/Fonts would stay the same.

When adding typing to an outlook pasted document, the type set/font changes to outlooks setup, and NOT what was pasted in from Word, the Type Set/Font required

Marshall F. Shield CEO/Chairman


This continues to occur, I've asked several corporation technical groups, they all state: " Ask Microsoft"

I am sending my NPO Synopsis to the most powerful persons on this planet

I am getting very tired of having to change the top 12 lines to Times New Roman every single time I paste in my document, saved on Word 2007 Pro

I've changed the tools options; nothing stops OUTLOOK from changing the original Type set to what it wants, instead of what was just pasted in from Word.

Need help...I know I'm not alone in this problem

Sincerely, Marshall

Marshall F. Shield CEO/Chairman

G North

Hi Marshall

May I offer a suggestion?

Open a New message.

Click in the message area.

Select the Options Tab.

Click Fonts, then Create new Theme Fonts from the bottom of the fly out menu.

Set the Fonts to Times New Roman and enter a name before clicking Save.

Now Select, Change Styles from the Format Text tab.

Choose Font and your newly created Theme Font.

Click Change Styles again and select Set as Default.

Close the message, there"s no need to Save.

You have now set you New message form to use Times New Roman as the desired font in the message area. Click New to test it.

Now Click File in the Outlook Main Window, and select Options.

Select Mail and click the Editor Options button.

Now click Advanced.

Scroll down to the Cut, copy and paste section.

Change the options in first 4 drop down boxes as required.

Setting them to " Keep text only" , will cause the copied text to revert to the default in your message. Doing this you may lose some formatting!

Click OK.

In answer to you first post it depends on how you set Word"s default font.

Office 2010 uses themes to create consistency between the applications, forcing one to do something does not necessarily mean it will do the same in the others unless you tackle the issue at Theme level. Many of the old solutions to setting fonts are not necessarily valid.

One other thing to watch for is the paste button which will appear, near the bottom right of your pasted text, after pasting. This button allows you to change the options on how the text is pasted, so if you get something you don"t like you can change between the options to see which is best.

G North MMI


G North

Thank you, you showed me a new way, but this still fails

When I paste in my Word Document, the top 12 lines still are changed to= Calibri (body)

I can change that, but NOT for every email

I've sent out over 1,000 emails this last week asking for help with my NPO funding or pounding on the President/Senators/Agencies" about unemployment and what is wrong in the USA

I will try this again....you can call me anytime, I also require a good graphic image person and help with my new software Expression Web 4

I've been using FrontPage for 10 years, need to upgrade my domains so they are more proper for the worlds super wealthy to see them




I need a graphic image person soon; can send my images to be worked on

Just lost my normal source...

Thanks for all your help! Marshall 360-336-3057

Marshall F. Shield CEO/Chairman


Thank you for your assistance

After following your information for Outlook, it still failed

Then I changed Word the same way, now it works

Can't thank you enough, I should have learned this months ago before sending out over 5,000 emails

Now all I require is a good Graphic Designer to help me with my images and Expression Web 4 upgrading my domains from FrontPage

Please have someone contact me soon: corp@myshield.us

Thanks again so very much, have a wonderful Christmas holiday!


Marshall F. Shield CEO/Chairman

G North

I'm glad your problem with Outlook is resolved.

Unfortunately I don't know any Graphic Designers and have no experience in that area myself.

Good luck with your web site redesign.

G North MMI
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