Only hash marks appear in the free/busy data for some users

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Scott Tanselle

Running Exchange 2010 Rollup 3 on Windows 2008 R2 - 64-bit. All users are running either Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010.

Some users are experience an issue where they will see hash marks in the free/busy data for some users, though other people will see the correct information for that same users.

This could be for appointments that are only a couple weeks in the future.

Any suggestions?


Does this consistently affect specific users or is it more random, like for a user, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't? Have you tried to start the Outlook client with the /cleanfreebusy switch?

Ed Crowley [MVP]

If they're getting hash marks for users when others can see the free-busy data, then their client is having trouble obtaining free-busy data. If all clients are Outlook 2007 or 2010, then they should be using the Availability Service (web services) for free-busy data, so that's where I'd look, to ensure that web services is working on all your CAS servers for mailboxes on all mailbox servers. Try using the Test-WebServicesConnectivity cmdlet first. In Outlook, run the AutoDiscover test and see if they're getting the correct settings.

Ed Crowley MVP " There are seldom good technological solutions to behavioral problems."

Gulab Mallah

Is it a migrated scenario? If Yes that check the replica on FB folder.

Post the update.


Scott Tanselle

This is not a migration scenario. It was a brand new install of Exchange 2010. It is only a few users having the issue and it is apparently not all the time for them.

For one particular user, it works in OWA, so I deleted their Outlook Profile and created a new one, which then started to work. Yet I hear they are having problems again. This same person though didn't have all the latest updates to Windows 7 and Outlook. I have turned logging on for their Outlook and waiting to see if it happens again.

Gulab Mallah

Okay run this command on client machine..
Close Outlook
Start..>Run---> outlook /cleanfreebusy

Make sure that user is in online mode when you run this command

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