Rough estimate? - Exchange migration from 2003 to 2010

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Milpitas Roy

We, have an Exchange infrastructure that includes both a front-end and backend Exchange 2007 server environment. It has approximately 50 to 75 mailboxes and is a single site server running as a member server. Can anyone give me a rough estimate in terms of time it will take to upgrade/migrate Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010? Not including the time it may take if there are additional problems ie:troubleshooting but take a stab at that estimate separately. I just need a rough estimate.




Seeing that you already have an 07 Exchange environment I would estimate that it should take about 16-24 hours to complete the work assuming you have the servers ready to go and experience no real problems.

Troy Werelius

Yeah thats a touch one, lots of variable but I would say 2-4 days since you should do this in stages, i.e. even once everything is setup only move a few users to start and see if any problems happen and then move some more, and once fix any problems and you are sure all is well finish it off Troy Werelius
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