Trouble removing old 2000 Exchange

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Benjamin Korr

Hey all,

Microsoft Exchange PD-Analyzer identifies 2 mail servers on our network. 1 which is currently in use, an exchange 2003 server, and one which was decommissioned years ago. The entire server bank that the old exchange 2000 was on was thrown in the trash. For whatever reason though, Exchange 2010 setup still sees the old 2000 installation as being there and will not install until it has been removed.

I've failed to find any trace of the old server in the DNS or in active directory. Does anyone have a clue as to where the remnants of the old 2000 Exchange install are hiding out?

Thank you!


In ADSI Edit, navigate to:

Configuration -> Services -> Microsoft Exchange -> ExchangeOrganizationName -> Administrative Groups -> First Administrative Group -> Servers

Is the old 2000 server listed in this contaniner? If so, you can delete it. Allow for AD replication and then check the PD-Analyzer again.

Benjamin Korr

Thanks for the reply TWH.

I looked in ADSI Edit like you said. There was no tree that followed the layout you specified, but I have throughly cleaned out active directory in both ADSI and Users and Computers of any entries I could find that were directly linked to the old mail server.

I'm guessing it's unusual that there was no configuration folder. Is there anything else you reccomend trying?

Gulab Mallah

Check the Lost and Found container in Adsiedit.msc, do you see the server 2000?

Check the same server in ADUC, try to find it and let us know if you see the server?


Benjamin Korr

Checked lost and found like you suggested, no entries in either place.


I'm guessing it's unusual that there was no configuration folder. Is there anything else you reccomend trying?
This is the Configuration Partition is the Schema. Once you are in the Configuration partition, you should see a Sevices container and then so on. Sorry for the confusion.
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