Error while installing the umLanguagepack-DE

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I get today each time the error message: Code 1603

UM-Sprachpaket für de-DE

Fehler beim Installieren des Produkts C:\Users\administrator.ITC-GROUP\AppData\Local\Temp\3\c33a58cd-9172-4eb1-9cba-ef2ffcb64e08\de\ Schwerwiegender Fehler bei der Installation. Fehlercode: 1603. Letzter vom MSI-Paket ausgegebener Fehler: 'Could not find any previously installed compliant products on the machine for installing this product.'.

after i must previously deinstalling the language pack for the installing of SP 1 for Exchange.

What´s the reason for this install error?




Please check the traces of the MSI install log about German language package in the ExchangeSetupLog folder

Please refer this article to select the language option in setup wizard

Please check if McAfee GroupShield or any other anti-virus software has been installed on the server, same symptom happened to Andre van den Berg in this thread

Please verify the integrity of disk by using it in a lab, see if the same issue will appear

Please copy the installation files into local drive, and then try the installation again

James Luo



Be careful with the filenames of the language packs within the same folder. I got the same error when I downloaded the language pack for exchange 2010 (named AND for exchange 2010 SP1 ( and put them in the same folder. Once I wanted to install the language pack for sp1 I got the error. Solution: Just delete the old language pack and rename the sp1 one to the old name. Bye
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