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I have an Exchange 2010 server and a IIS Web server on the same VLAN. The web server app needs to send emails. I've configured the app with the SMTP IP address of my Exchange server. I can succesfully send email from the web server app to internal exchange domain email addresses, but when I send to an internet email address, it fails. Checking log files doesn't help indicate the problem and it appears that the exchange server never receives the email. Any idea on how to resolve?

Khoj Sahiwala

HAve you created a mailbox for your mail application.

I've configured the app with the SMTP IP address of my Exchange server.? ..

your Exchange server will accept message From your web application if it is addressed to someone he knows about ( INTERNAL).

When you want it to send it to someone on the internet it cannot as that is RELAYING. You need to configure as per best practices another connector and allow this application server ( it's Ip address ) to relay mail outside the organisation, Also can be done by tweaking settings on recieve connector
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