Permissions to Restore Items from Backup to Onlinemailbox?

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we a Backupsoftware with Snapshots to backup our Databases.

To Restore Single Items we use a Tool wich connect to the Mailbox to copy several Items from the Backupsnapshots into the onlinemailbox. With Exchange 2010 our Serviceaccount have not the right to access the Mailboxes. It seems that the Fullaccessright to the mailbox is not enough.

Any idea wich Accessrights we need to perform this?

Gulab Mallah


Post the number and type of permission you have on that service account.


Novak Wu


I would like to confirm the following questions:

1. What"s the brand of the Backup software?

2. Which tool is used to restore single item from the backup Snapshots?

3. Can you post the whole list of the permission and let us known which permission is already assigned to the service account as Gulab mentioned?


Novak Wu


1. Its Netapp Snapmanager Software

2. The Tool is the Netapp Single Mailbox Recovery

3. The Account has Organisationmanagment, Servermanagment, and Full Control on every Mailbox (I think because of Assignment in Exchange 2003 EMC). Also i testet to assign the "Mailbox Import Export" to a new Securitygroup. A there any further lists of Permissions you need?

Novak Wu

I apologize for delay. Based on my research, I suggest you run the following command to allow the user account to export and import mailboxes.

New-ManagementRoleAssignment &ndash;Role &ldquo;Mailbox Import Export&rdquo; &ndash;Group &ldquo;<usergroup>&rdquo;

For more information, please refer to the following article:

If the issue persists, please capture the error message when trying to export the mailbox via the NetApp tool and upload it to Skydrive (, and then share the link here for research.

Meanwhile, since the tool is a third party product which we do not have enough knowledge about it, it"s highly recommended to involve the manufacturer for further assistance. Thank you for your understanding.


Novak Wu
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