how to configure outlook 2007 clients to publish free busy info to public folder in exchange 2010 (s

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I need my outlook clients (all outlook 2007) to publish free busy info to Public folder (Schedule Free busy) for third party application use which still does not support EWS to provide free busy functionality. I have pure exchange 2010 environment and got a public folder databse already. When I look at Schedule Free busy folder, I find nothing in it as of yet.


Hi Neil,

My problem is bit different form the one described at the forum you sugested.

I need my outlook 2007 clients to publish free busy data to Public folder but at the same time I do not want clients to use public folder to retrieve the free busy data. As I have got all my clients on outlook 2007 and have got exchange 2010 environmnet, EWS is best, instead of public folder for free busy lookup.

I would like to have the system free-busy folder to get pupulated with real time free busy info to be used by third part mobile application not the outlook clients.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Rakesh,
Per your description, do you mean that you want to publish the calendar informaton to the internet, and then the third part mobile application could get the free-busy information of the special user?
There is a good article about how to do it,
Other information:

Introduction to publishing internet calendars:
Enable Internet Calendar Publishing
If I misunderstand your issue, please tell me.
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