Purchase Ex-2010 - Want to install ex 2007 - Product Key issue

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Ashfaque Deshmukh


I have purchased Exchange 2010 standard version for company however I want to install Exchange 2007 due to incompability of hardware. Please advise me how I will get the product key changed.

Thanks in anticipation.

Your answer for the same would be highly appreciated.

Ashfaque Deshmukh

Busbar [MVP]

what is not incompatible, if you can run Exchange 2007 on the HW 2010 should be able to run it.

anyway you will need to purchase downgrade license to be able to install 2007

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Sembee [MVP]

There is no hardware compatibility issue between Exchange 2007 and 2010. As you must use a 64 bit machine (32 bit isn't supported for production if that is your hardware issue) then it will support both versions.

I believe that downgrade rights only come with volume licences, not retail. Therefore as long as you have a volume licence you should be able to get the key through the volume licencing site or by your reseller requesting a media kit. If you bought retail box, then you have no downgrade rights as far as I am aware - but speak to Microsoft to confirm.

Although personally I would look again at the hardware issue. If it is purely the 64 bit problem then Exchange 2007 isn't going to help, because you can't licence the 32 bit version.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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For the questions about licensing, please use the contact information in here which would be the best place for you to find the answer

James Luo

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