RetentionAction dose not work correctry on RetentionPolicyTag settings.

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Please advice to me,
1 I have a trial environment of Exchange Server 2010.
2 Domain Controllers --> Windows Server 2008 R2 standard
3 Exchange Servers --> 2 servers are Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with Exchange 2010 Enterprise configured DAG.
1 server is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with Exchange 2010 Standard configured Witness Server of DAG and CAD/HT main server. (journal mailbox included)
- All Exchange Server has CAS/HT/MBX role.
- All Exchange Server 2010 is installed SP1 via RTM and Rollup 1 for SP1 is not yet installed.
- Exchange 2010 RTM is not have " Retention Policy" configuring GUI on EMC and that have " Managed Folder Policy" configuring GUI.
then 1st plan is we use Managed Folder Policy for Messaging Record Management(MRM).
- Next, we have a few problem with RTM version then update to Exchange 2010 SP1.
After update SP1, the EMC's GUI was changed from " Managed Folder Policy" to " Retention Policy" .
then 2nd plan is we use Retention Policy for Messaging Record Management(MRM).
- Next, I create RetentionPolicyTags and RetentionPolicy.
New-RetentionPolicyTag -Name TestInbox -Type Inbox -RetentionAction MoveToDeletedItemes -AgeLimitForRetention 1.00:00:00 -MessageClass * -RetentionEnabled:$true
New-RetentionPolicyTag -Name TestSent -Type SentItems -RetentionAction MoveToDeletedItemes -AgeLimitForRetention 1.00:00:00 -MessageClass * -RetentionEnabled:$true
New-RetentionPolicyTag -Name TestDeletedItems -Type DeletedItems -RetentionAction DeleteAndAllowRecovery -AgeLimitForRetention 2.00:00:00 -MessageClass * -RetentionEnabled:$true
New-RetentionPolicy -Name TestRetention -RetentionPolicyTagLinks TestInbox, TestSent, TestDeletetItems
- Next, this retention policy assign to TestUser01.
Set-Mailbox -Identity TestUser01 -RetentionPolicy TestRetention
- Next, retention policy test
Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity TestUser01
- Next, I was check by use OWA logon TestUser01 and old messages move to DeletedItems folder.
... Messages are tagged limitation reached but not moved DeletedItems folder.
- Next, I was check the some online documents of described RetentionPolicy and I found a comment " Retention Policy dose not supported move to managed folder" .
I think " DeletedItem" folder is a default managed folder then dose not work " MoveToDeletedItems" retention action.
Next, I was try following cmdlet.
Set-Mailbox -Identity TestUser01 -RemoveManagedFolderAndPolicy
Set-Mailbox -Identity TestUser01 -RetentionPolicy TestRetention
Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity TestUser01
... Result is same. do not move old messages to DeletedItems.
- Next, I was change the RetentionAction and test
Set-RetentionPolicyTag -Identity TestInbox -RetentionAction DeleteAndAllowRecovery
Start-ManagedFolderAssistant -Identity TestUser01
... result is fine. Old messages deleted from inbox of TestUser01.
but this action is not stay message in DeletedItems folder and directly deleted from inbox.
We want stay the old messages in DeletedItems folder few days defined by AgeLimitForRetention property.
What solution to solve this problem?
- I try use " Managed Folder Policy" to move old message from Inbox to DeletedItems folder is working correctry,
and few days stay on DeletedItems folder defined by " ManagedFolder" and " ManagedConentSettings" working correctry.
but, Exchange 2010 SP1 is not have GUI for " Managed Folder Policy" this means not user friendly for customers.
* SP1 is not have GUI for " Managed Folder Assistant Schedule" . this is not user friendly too.

Gulab Mallah

Is it a question or you are pointing at exchange's features?
I am not sure why they did it, but i am sure that there might be some reason behind it.
You should call MS Support to get the right answer and they might update the same in coming RU or SP.



Thank you for reply.

I want to work " MoveToDeletedItems" by use RetentionPolicyTag's RetentionAction property.

but, I was re-check and read TechNet library documents of " Understanding Retention Tags and Retention Policies " few minutes ago.

I was surprised and understanding why dose not work " MoveToDeletedItems" retention action.

Because, RetentionActions (" MarkAsPastRetentionLimit" ," MoveToDeletedItems" ) function is removed after Exchange Server 2010 SP1 is written " Important" column.



The Move action can only be assigned to DPT or Personal Tag. RPT can only be used to delete items (Permanently Delete or Delete and Allow Recovery). It's the expected behavior, started in RTM version

Please see the answers from Bharat Suneja on this thread
James Luo

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