Customize Text on OWA Change Password Form

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I'm using Exchange 2010 SP1 and have enabled expired password handling for OWA using the steps described at OWA now correctly brings up a window to allow users with expired passwords to change it. However, our support group is wondering if it is possible to customize some of the text that appears in this window. For example, when an expired password is encountered OWA displays the text 'Your password has expired and you need to change it before you sign in to Outlook Web App'. They would like to include a link or some text that explains our password complexity rules. I'm guessing it's possible, but I have no idea as to where this text would be stored/modified. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ripu Daman


You can try: Search " changepasswordusage" in the aspx file, you will get two results. ChangepasswordUsage & ChangepasswordUsage2.

There are two other lines between the results.

<br />

<span id=" testcontainer_usage1" >

Insert the comments between them.

But please aslo note this is not support by MS. Please be more carefully to modify it. Do let us know if more info is required.
Ripu Daman Mina | MCSE 2003 & MCSA Messaging


Thanks for the reply. Sorry...I should have done a little better job of explaining what I was hoping to do. I'm aware I could just go in and edit expiredpassword.aspx and place the text I want in there. However, I thought it would probably be better to edit the definitions for the variables that are used in the forms for the text.

For example, it looks like Strings.IDs.PasswordExpired is used as a placeholder for the value 'Your password has expired and you need to change it before you sign in to Outlook Web App'. My question really is where is Strings.IDs.PasswordExpired defined? Or am I better off just placing my text right in expiredpassword.aspx?
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