Exchange 2010sp1. Several times a day, a warning event ID 906 source ESE

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Installed on the server exchange 2010sp1. Has been working for about a year. Two months ago, on a regular basis once or twice a day in the log started to appear warning

Log Name: Application
Source: ESE
Date: 02.11.2010 21:11:46
Event ID: 906
Task Category: Performance
Level: Warning
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: king.OFFICE.KPK
Information Store (2920) A significant portion of the database buffer cache has been written out to the system paging file. This may result in severe performance degradation.
See help link for complete details of possible causes.
Resident cache has fallen by 45629 buffers (or 36%) in the last 39035 seconds.
Current Total Percent Resident: 50% (80316 of 157642 buffers)

---------------------In what may be the problem?

The size of the mail database of about 30 GB. 50 mailboxes.
The server is a 2 cpu xeon 5530 on 4 cores. 12 GB of memory ddr3 (though 3 GB taken away by two virtual machines vmware). Disk array from 4 drives sas 147 gb in raid 10 (adaptec 5805).
The server keeps the role of exchange Hub Transport, Client Access, Mailbox.
Is that server does not have enough performance to services 50 mailboxes?

Sumanth Gadige

Run ExBpa on the server and verify what it says..

Sumanth G

Troy Werelius

Agreed its more than likely choking because you are sharing the memory with the VMs and you don't have enough to go around. TO validate you can either stop the other server or realign memory assignment and see if you issue is resolved. Then of course if you need to add more memory to ensure all the boxes are not bottlenecked by the lack thereofTroy Werelius

Gulab Mallah

I agree, seems like memory issue, run the Exbpa and check if there is anyting.

Resart MS Exchange IS, it will flush the cache.

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