Find Me in Call Answering Rule tells callers 'One is not valid' but then dials out anyways

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I have CUCM connected with Exchange SP1 RU1, all working fine. I decided to create Call Answering Rule in OWA to allow users to press "1" for "Urgent Matters", and leaving the rest as default. So, now when they call, I have default message playing, with added "for urgent matters, press 1" . When callers press 1, systems says "One is not valid", and right after "Ok, dialing...." and actually dials the number. It also seem to be sporadic - sometimes, it doesn't give that "One is not valid" error. Is it a known issue, or I messed up somewhere during rules setup?


Hi Ktolik,
Sorry for not familiar with the integration the CUCM and Exchange, I would suggest that you open a ticket from MS.
Suppose the rule related with the call manager, I think it is something wrong with the rule, seems related with CUCM.
Also suggest that turn to help from Cisco Vender.

I found what the problem was: on CUCM trunk to Exchange configuration, DTMF Signaling Method was set to "OOB and RFC2833". Once I changed it to "No Preference", DTMF key presses started to working again properly.
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