Best Practice for Large Messages NDRs?

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We have EX 2010. When a user sends a large attachement like 50MB it goes to the other user's mailbox but Blackberry rejects it (Blackberry Limit) and the user gets this:

" This message is too large to send. To be able to send it make the message smaller, for example, by removing attachments."

I understand it's a normal behavior because the BB obviously rejects the large attachements. My question is can I disable " this specific NDR" from going back to the senders, while me (admin) being able to keep receiving it?

Any suggestions on best practice would be much appreciated.

Thanks Much!

" #< #5.2.3 smtp;450 5.2.3 Msg Size greater than allowed by Remote Host> #SMTP#"

AndyD_ [MVP]

Why wouldnt you want that NDR to go to the sender?

Not sure what you are asking.

Gulab Mallah

As Andy said Why?
Why you want to do it? Any specific reason/


Gen Lin


My question is can I disable " this specific NDR" from going back to the senders, while me (admin) being able to keep receiving it?

Based on my experience, it is unable to do this on exchange server.



Sorry for the delay.

{Why wouldnt you want that NDR to go to the sender?}

The senders already know that the bb rejects large attachements, if they send this user 20 emails a day with large attachments this could be annoying.... The emails arrive at the mailbox so they basically disregard this message.

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