Outlook 2003 Inbox Unread Email Displayed Fonts

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Standard WinXP SP3 workstation with Office 2003 installed. Using Outlook for work email. Have it setup to display 3 view panes from Left > Right. " Folder List / Inbox / Reading Pane" . My question regards the Inbox display. To my old eyes, there doesn't appear to be much visual difference between the display of an unread message vs read message.

Does anyone know how to adjust the " From Sender" fonts (ie: bold, darker, etc) to make it easier to see? I've been through the options menu multiple times and don't see anything specific that addresses the function for that option.

Thank you.

Roady [MVP]

View-> Arrange By-> Customize...-> button Automatic Formatting...-> select Unread messages-> button Font...

Now you can change font type, size and color to fit your needs.

For more about customizing the font, size and colors of the Outlook interface see;


Robert Sparnaaij

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