The difference between Server CAL and Exchange CAL

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Danielle Dows

Our company is considering installing an Exchange Server. We are currently happy with our Server 2003.

The Exchange server will be Server 2008 R2 with Exchange 2010. My question is whether I have to upgrade all of the existing Server 2003 CALs to Server 2008 or if I will only need Exchange 2010 CALs. The 2003 portion of the network will not be changing and the 2008 server will only be used for Exchange and web service.


you do need a windows and an exchange CAL for each userlAdK
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Sembee [MVP]

Technically, no one on this site is authorised to answer your question. Only Microsoft can do that. You would need to call Microsoft and get them to answer the question. Remember to ask them to provide it in writing to you.

My opinion of the current licencing is that you will need CALs for both Windows and Exchange, because users are accessing the server, which is the definition (from my understanding) of the requirement for a server CAL.

However nothing I or anyone else writes on this site can be taken as "the" answer simply because we are not Microsoft.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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