"The attachment exceeds the allowable size limit" in Exchange/Outlook 2010

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I'm getting the above error trying to send a 14mb file to another user on the same Exchange 2010 mailbox server using Outlook 2010. Currently the boxes for Send/Receive limits under Default Inbound/Outbound Message Size under Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Global Settings -> Transport Settings Properties and on individual mailboxes are unchecked and the mailboxes themselves have no storage quotas. I've also increased the maximum message size on all connectors to 102040kb at the Organization Configuration and Server Configuration levels. Btw, Exchange 2010 help states " To remove any restriction on the maximum message size, clear the check box next to Maximum message size (KB)." There is no such box to clear.

Why am I getting this message and where is it coming from?


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Yes, on both the mailbox server and the hub transport server, I'm still getting the same error.


At this point it looks like Outlook 2010 may be the root of the problem.

I am able to attach and send the same file using OWA that Outlook claims exceeds the limit. I came across http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2222370 and applied the " Fix it for me" on one machine and manually edited the registry on another. Outlook still responds with the same error.


Hi Tertius,
I have make a test, and everything work well.
Please confirm the vlaue of the registry is Decimal and the vlaue is than 20M, usually it would be more than the windows file after encode the attachement.
And also, plese confirm you restart the transport service and restart the outlook.
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