Mails relay problem

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We have configured exchange 2010 server with CAS,hub transport and mailbox roles.this server is placed in our intenal network.ip is

We also have configured exchnage 2010 server with edge transport server role.this server is placed in DMZ.ip is

All the users in our internal network are configured with outlook express client with outgoing mail server ip as

Now when we send the emails to any internet email address say we check the headers it shows us the ip address of our CAS server i.e192.168.7.2.

But actually it should show the ip address of edge server?

how do we rectify this problem?

Steve Goodman

Does it show the IP address of the Edge server further on in the headers? It is common for internal addressing to show in message headers as these are added when the message is routed internally, so there might not actually be a problem.

BTW, Is there any particular reason why you use Outlook Express? It's not the best Exchange client available.


Steve Goodman
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Allen Song


Could you post the whole Message Header here? Did you create the Send Connector for the Hub Transport Server?

By default, it should use the Send Connector which is generated by Edge Synchronization.



Allen Song
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