Services Startup Problems - Exchange 2010 - Server 2008 R2 - Hyper-V

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I get a couple of erros when I boot my Exchange 2010 server running on Hyper-V. The following event log entries appear when I boot the VM.

As you can see the first Warning is 1007 MSexchange Mailbox Replication. Followed by a couple other errors which are probable a result of the first warning.

The VM (2008 R2 + Exch 2010) is fully patched, also the Hypervisor (HP ProLiant DL380 G7 + 2008 R2) is running the latest updates and patches.
All I know is that there are several reasons why this could happen, the following blog post mentions a couple them. Here:

In my case I noticed the virtual NIC (Mircosoft Virtual Machine Bus Network Adapter) takes really long to initialize when I boot the VM and this may be the root cause.

When I boot the VM and log on to the console immediately, I can see the systray NIC icon is frozen and I cannot browse the network sharing center. It takes very long for the virtual NIC to initialize (like 3 to 4 minutes) and I have no idea why. After the NIC is initalized everything seems to work fine.

The VM is configured with one virtual NIC - static IP address, IPv6 is disabled. Integration Services are installed.

This might not even be an Exchange issue but a Hyper-V issue or a mix of both, I'm not sure. If you feel this belongs to the Hyper-V forums feel free to move the thread.

I found a similar thread to this here: the poster seems to the same problem with a similar configuration.

I really need to solve this, if you need any additional information please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Today I decided to shutdown the Exchange server an recover it by using the /M:RecoverServer switch on another VM.

What I did:

shutdown Exchange

reset computer account

installed 2008 R2

installed EXCH with SP1

restored database using Windows Server Backup

Everything went fine so far, the virtual NIC seems to initialize normally now. But there are still errors on boot, see:

Again, Exchange seems to work fine but I'd like to know why these errors appear.


When you look at the Date and Time column, after the last error at 12:15:02 everything seems to work fine.

Now look at the system log at the same time:

12:15:02 Iphlpsvc

Isatap interface isatap.{3D04CC9D-FA77-412F-A25A-10199F3C407C} with address fe80::5efe: has been brought up. (Is this the actual network adapter that has just initialized?)

12:15:08 Service Control Manager

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service entered the running state.

12:15:09 Service Control Manager

The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service entered the running state.

I still suspect the NIC to be the root cause.

Christian Weihs

Hi Sebestian,

Yes, recoverserver works very well!

Best regards back to germany! ;-)
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