how to upgrade exchange 2010 to exchange 2010 sp1

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montu mia

In my organization all servers are in exchange 2010 environment . the servers are--

mailbox server 1 -contain database1

mailbox server 2-contain database 2

mailbox server 3-- DR site backup of database 1 & 2

all three are in DAG

Cas-Hub1 server--data center

Cas-Hub2 server -- Dr site

Exchange edge server

I have already tried to upgrade in a test environment on cas hub server and succesfully done but not implemnt in other role base server , so I want to how I can upgrade my all server respectively.

Christian Weihs

Hi montu mia,

I have already tried to upgrade in a test environment on cas hub server and succesfully done but not implemnt in other role base server , so I want to how I can upgrade my all server respectively.

Have a look to this manual:

First upgrade the passive nodes and switch over the active to update the
active one.

A good idea is to block the dag member during the update process. It would not
be a good idea to switch over the active node during the update process:

Set-MailboxServer servername -DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy:blocked

Do not forget to unrestrict when the update is finish:
Set-MailboxServer servername -DatabaseCopyAutoActivationPolicy:unrestricted

Best regards
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