Synchronization: Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2010 CrossForest

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Is supported this environment?

Forest A: Exchange 2003

Forest B: Exchange 2003 & Exchange 2010 (mixed mode)

Trust Forest (A,B)

Synchronization GAL: IIFP

Synchronization Free/Busy: Interorg Replication Tool

The idea is not to use MISS and ILM, because it is not free....... (IIFP is Free)

Gulab Mallah

LOL :)

Well than only option you have is InterORG.

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah


IIFP can be used to synchonize Exchange 2003 organizations... and the organization in Forest B is in mixed mode, not native Exchange 2010

Why I can't use IIFP?

any link?
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