Server 2008 R2 w/Exchange 2010 restore to identical hardware

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Greg Bentz

Here is the overview of what happened our Raid 5 on our HP DL360 G6 server became corrupted but is still up and operational. A block is bad in a sector but not bad enough to bring down the server. So in the mean time we took a backup and restore it to a spare server with the exact same hardware another DL360 G6. So the machine has the same name, SID and everything.

The problem is we only had a small window today to take down our working exchange box and put up the new recovered one. After we brought it up and tried opening the exchange console to see if the backed up databases would mount, but the console would not load it, it reported some sort of access denied error. The only thing I could think of is because its a clone of the other one and it is asking for activation but I didn't want to activate this one and mess up our licenses with our working server so I am not sure if that had anything to do with the console not working or not. But after a restore of server 2008 r2 with exchange 2010 is there anything else we have to do before getting into the exchange console?


Hi Greg,

Would you please give some more details on the error and when do you get it?

What all things do you see in the console?

Does the Exchange Management Shell work? (try few commands and check)

- Vinit Nair

Messaging Admin

Greg Bentz

Unfortunately I do not have the error anymore because we took the box back down but it was when the exchange console(non shell). It couldn't connect to the shell to list the organization etc etc. The server is offline now but we cannot get some services to start correctly. Command shell will not load then again its offline since our original server is back up and running. We have the spare one down since they have identical names.

Sembee [MVP]

If you have a spare server and the live one is still operational, I would swing it.
Build the new server with a new name, install Exchange (suing the latest service pack download), then replicate the public folders and move mailbox. Zero risk, zero downtime. That also ensures you don't bring across any corruption.

Licences play no part in the operation of Exchange or Windows. When you install Windows, don't put a key in, it will run for 30 days. Exchange 2010 will run for 120 days without the key. No limitations.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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Brian Day MCITP

Exchange 2010 will run for 120 days without the key.
You'll be limited to 5 databases on the server w/o a key as the trial version is always 'standard' mode. After 120 days Exchange will keep running, but nag you when you open the console.Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, Exchange
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Greg Bentz

We only have 4 + a public folder database so we should be okay.
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