Display name of contacts when receiving mail

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In Exchange/AD contacts are created for external people working for other companies in the same group using their own mail environment. These contacts are distributed by the mother company (delegation on a certain OU in AD) automatically.
Contact e.g.: JDoe@external.com with a display name set to something like " J DOE COMPANY" .

In the old Exchange 2003 environment the display name given in the AD contact was displayed in their Outlook when people received mail from such an external mail address. This customer wants now the same behavior on the new Exchange 2010 environment. The mail environment was migrated from 2003 to a newly created domain/mail environment using Quest.
I've tried about everything I could think of and looked around on the internet but I can't figure out a setting that has an impact on this.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,
Pascal VH.

Steve Goodman

Hi Pascal,

Are the AD contacts mail-enabled in Exchange 2010?


Steve Goodman
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Allen Song


In the Exchange 2003, you can ResolveP2 for the Anonymous users by configuring under SMTP VS. But in Exchange 2010, you have to work around this issue based on the below article:

You will be granting several rights including the ability to send on behalf of users in your organization, the ability to ResolveP2



Allen Song


Hi Allen,

I tested your solution in a test environment and it does solve the question. Thanks! I will now create a report concerning the security risks involved and present this to my customer so they can decide if they realy want this. Thanks again for your help.

@ Victor,

I will try to see/test what you proposed as well but my russian isn't that good lately :)

Thanks everybody!
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