sync calendar and oab to blackberry

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Is there a setting somewhere to sync contacts and calendars to my blackberry? I can get email push, no calendar and contacts.


· Verify that Wireless Address Book synchronization is enabled on your Blackberry handheld:
On the handheld Home screen, select the Address Book. In the Address Book, click the trackwheel or trackball and select Options. If on the Options screen Wireless Synchronization is set to NO, click the trackwheel (or trackball on some models) and select Change Option. Select YES. Click the trackwheel/trackball and select Save.

· Once you have completed the action, reactivate the Wireless Address Book on the device:
In the Address Book, click the trackwheel/trackball and select Options. Click the trackwheel/trackball and select Change Option. Select YES for Wireless Synchronization. Click the trackwheel/trackball and select Save.

· Check that calendar is synchronized If Not
Go to " Calendar" Go to " Options" Verify " Wireless Synchronization" set to " Yes"

Sembee [MVP]

Primary reason for that is a CDO.DLL mismatch. You can try re-registering the cdo.dll that you installed with the MAPI CDO installation. Make sure that you are using the latest version. It is not unusual for another CDO.DLL to be registered.


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Sembee [MVP]

Are you the BES Admin? If not, get your BES Admin to resend the service books to your Blackberry.
If you are, then do so through the BES Admin interface.


Simon Butler, Exchange MVP
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