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cannot download Offline address book

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by Lloyd Christmas, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas


    I have recently deployed 2 x CAS 2010 servers into an existing 2003/2007 Org. My plan is to move the CAS services across to the 2010 servers early next week.

    Ever since the installation though users cannot download the OAB (Outlook 2007/2010).

    The distribution servers on the OAB inlcude 1 x 2007 CAS and 1 x 2010 CAS. The generation server is a 2007 CCR cluster.

    I tried what is outlined in http://www.confusedamused.com/noteb...07-clients-with-exchange-2007-on-server-2008/ but this has not worked for me.

    Users dont get an error message - just hangs on " Offline address book Connecting to Microsoft Exchange" during send/receive.

    Internal and exteranl urls look ok on both 2007 and 2010 CAS servers.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Lloyd Christmas

    Lloyd Christmas

    sorry I meant to say - the problem has been noticeable ever since i enabled http - https redirection for owa on the Exchange 2007 CAS servers...
  3. Christian Weihs

    Christian Weihs

    Hi Lloyd,

    Ever since the installation though users cannot download the OAB (Outlook 2007/2010).

    Which Outlook client you are useing? Depending on this the client will
    download the OAB from the public folder or from the URL.

    Users dont get an error message - just hangs on " Offline address book Connecting to Microsoft Exchange" during send/receive.

    Post the output from mail-autconfiguration....

    Did you start Outlook in safemode to see if it is no addin problem?
    Furthermore disable av temporaly.

    Internal and exteranl urls look ok on both 2007 and 2010 CAS servers.

    Can you access the oab folder: https://CAS/oab? Did you get any error

    Check if the OAB will be generated on the mailbox server. You should find them
    here: %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\ExchangeOAB\%guid%

    This will be taken by the cas server by the service " Microsoft Exchange File
    Distribution Service" and saved here: %ProgramFiles%\Exchange\ClientAccess\OAB

    This happens normaly every 8 hours - you can change this by:
    Get-OabVirtualDirectory | Set-OabVirtualDirectory -pollinterval 240

    This OAB folder is linked to the url...

    Do you find the OAB everywhere? Any error messages on the server? Check this
    documents to understand the procedure:
    - http://technet.microsoft.com/us-us/library/bb232155.aspx
    - Offline Address Book web distribution in Exchange Server 2007
    - How Exchange 2007 OAB Files are replicated to a Client Access Server

    Best regards
  4. savarina


    Lloyd, try this: got to CAS, to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OAB and delete the web.config file from that directory.
    Your problem will be fixed.
    You followed an unofficial redirection guide, right?
  5. MaliStane


    Does these problem affect all Outlook clients ?
  6. Allen Song

    Allen Song


    You can run test-OutlookWebServices |fl command on the CAS to check the connection result, then post here.


    Allen Song
  7. Cyberic



    I have the exact same issue: external access to OAB url works fine (I can read the XML ok) and the download of the OAB from Outlook 2010 just hangs indefinitely.

    The output of the test-OutlookWebServices looks fine but does not mention any OAB (or OWA) url. The only things it shows is regarding autodiscover URLs (all OK) and also /EWS and /RPC URLs (all OK as well).

    I can see no reference to /owa or to /oab in that test output (although owa works fine).

    So what can be done to prevent hanging when Outlook 2010 downloads the OAB ?

    Best regards,
  8. MaliStane


    Set internal and extarnal oab to the same url.
  9. Cyberic


    thanks but they are already the same.
    and they are default (so https://mail.domain.com/OAB )

    Still, download of OAB hangs forever in Outlook 2010
  10. channavera


    I had a sor of similar issue. If you happen to notice web.config file under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\OAB. Please provide the proper NTFS permissions for this web.config file. You can refer to NTFS permissions on any other web.config file under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\
  11. Cyberic


    Yes, I have seen this in other threads. However this is not the issue here as I can access the /oab web site fine.

    Also, this is on Windows 2008 R2 (so IIS7) and so there is no web.config file in that folder.

    So the problem remains. And, given other threads in a few other forums, I have yet to see a solution.
  12. channavera


    Mysetup is on W2008 R2 n exchange on E2010 SP1 RU1.

    After i removed the requirment for /owa vdir. i have a new web.config in the /OAB folder.

    I try to browse https:casserver/OAB, the error mentioned about the unavailaility of web.config. I assinged the NTFS permissions on the web.config as with any other web.config under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Client Access\.

    It really worked for me...
  13. MaliStane


  14. Cyberic


    I'm already setup to require SSL. Everything is default actually.
    Also, access to https://CAS/OAB works fine when I input my username and password.

    However, download of OAB through Outlook still fails (just hangs indefinitely - no error message).

    Maybe it's got something to do with the name of the default OAB policy. I've seen in another post that renaming the policy had an impact and because I'm using French version of Windows Server 2008 R2 & Exchange 2010, the default policy and the default GAL is a really long name (and I can't change the default GAL name it seems).


    Could this be a localization issue then?

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