Moving mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to 2010 - how to calculate move request batch size?

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We'll be moving ~5'000 mailboxes in batches from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

When executing the new-moverequest commands using the -Suspend switch, I would like to calculate the total of all mailbox sizes to be moved in the next batch.

get-mailboxstatistics | ft TotalItemSize doesn't work with the yet-to-be-moved Exchange 2003 mailboxes. But then again, when checking the suspended move requests from the EMC, it shows a 'Mailbox Size' for all the mailboxes to be moved.

Question: how can I query + sum up these values by means of PowerShell?

Your help is greatly appreciated!


Mike Pfeiffer

Give this a try:
$total = Get-MoveRequest -BatchName <name> | Get-MoveRequestStatistics | Measure-Object TotalMailboxSize -Sum | select -expand sum [Math]::Round($total /1gb,2)

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Gulab Mallah

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