Following migration from EX2k3 to Ex2010 meeting requests do not appear as tentative

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leslie hill

We've just moved a bunch of IT users from Exchange 2003 mailbox servers to Exchange 2010 RTM RU4. We have a small number of users who having been sent meeting requests using Outlook 2003 clients and while they appear in the users mailbox they do not appear in the calendar as tentative. The Outloop settings for the calendar are configured to accept meeting requests as tentative. We have the problem on cache mode and non cache mode and the Outlook /sniff or cleansniff does not fix the problems.

Novak Wu

By default, when someone sends a meeting request, it should go into Calendar folder and set as tentatively. If it does not appear tentatively, please refer to the following steps to troubleshoot the issue.

In Outlook,

1. On the Tools Menu click Options

2. Click E-mail Options and then Tracking Options

3. Please select the “Process requests and response on arrival” option.

On Exchange server side, please run get-mailboxcalendarsettings <mailbox> |fl and ensure the AddNewRequestsTentatively option has been configured as True.


Novak Wu

leslie hill

Yep checked all those and they are indeed set correctly. Having checked the users mailbox account I noticed there is now a new tab called Calendar Setting in which all the setting were greyed out. When I checked all the users that had this problem I found they all had the same problem. I enabled the option for all the account and now the meeting requests appear as tentative. My thoughts around this is that the Calendar Agent was now processing the meeting requests and not the Outlook client and that it still looks like we have a Outlook client issue to fix. We are still on Outlook 2003 but we are to move to Outlook2010 real soon so I'm not sure if it's worth digging any deeper on this one. Incidentally, the problem appears to be intermittent which makes it even worse to fault find.

Moving to Exchange 2010 SP1 in the next couple of weeks and to be totally honest I'm not looking forward to it given all the problems people seem to be having once having upgraded to it. Do you have any suggestions to help this run smoothly?

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