Recovering Mailbox data - no mailboxes listed to restore in recovery mail store

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I have sucessfully restored and replayed the logs into the Recovery Mail Store and mounted the database. however, when I perform a Get-Mailbox -Database RDB , I get no listing of mailboxes! The DB shows data nearly 70 GB and it mounted without barking. Any thoughts?Karl

Mike Pfeiffer

You want to use Get-MailboxStatistics to view the mailboxes in a recovery database, for example:
Get-MailboxStatistics -Database RDBMike Pfeiffer | blog: | twitter: @mike_pfeiffer


Thanks Mike, the reason I started down this path was because I was unable to restore a mailbox as it was telling me the mailbox didn't exist. I then found out that I had to use " lastname, firstname" in my Restore-mailbox command. However, after bypassing that error message and executing the following restore command:

Restore-Mailbox -Identity " Lastname, Firsname" -RecoveryDatabase " Recovery Mail Store" -RecoveryMailbox " Lastname, Firstname" -TargetFolder Recovery

I get the following error:

Error was found for Lastname Firsname ( because: Error occurred in the step: Opening source mailbox. Failed to open mailbox by GUID with error: The operation failed., error code: -1056749260 + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (0:Int32) [Restore-Mailbox], RecipientTaskException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : 3E85A894,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.RestoreMailbox.

Upon some further research, I found that I have to use the new-mailboxrestorerequest which seemed to work, however it fails at some point during the restore leaving me with only a hierarchy of folders.

Any clue?


Mike Pfeiffer

Is there any error when running New-MailboxRestoreRequest? Try running Get-MailboxRestoreRequestStatistics with -IncludeReport for that restore request to see if that shows anything.Mike Pfeiffer | blog: | twitter: @mike_pfeiffer

Troy Werelius

Sounds like Mike is getting you moved along just fine, however, if you want to consider an alternative, check out Lucid8's DigiScope as it can open the Database file and expose all mailboxes and items so that you can the Browse, Search, Export, or recovery data at any granular levelTroy Werelius


Hi Mike, I don't get much for reporting when I do the Get-MailboxRestoreRequestStatistics. Status = Failed and PercentComplete = 5. Where would I see/get errors? I tried doing another restore (from my own mailbox) and get the same (Failed at 5%).

Nor do I get any errors when I submit the New-MailboxRestoreRequest - the command completes and says the satus is " Queued"
Get-MailboxRestoreRequestStatistics -Identity "\MailboxRestore6" -IncludeReport

Name Status TargetAlias PercentComplete
---- ------ ----------- -------------
MailboxRestore6 Failed KBinger 5


I re-ran the traditional restore-mailbox command (vs. the new-mailboxrestorerequest) and get the error:

MapiExceptionMailboxDisabled: Unable to open message store. (hr=0x80004005, ec=2412)

Diagnostic context:
Lid: 40487 EMSMDBMT.EcDoRpcExt2 called [length=104]
Lid: 56871 EMSMDBMT.EcDoRpcExt2 returned [ec=0x0][length=280][latency=0]
Lid: 23226 --- ROP Parse Start -
Lid: 27962 ROP: ropLogon [254]
Lid: 17082 ROP Error: 0x96C
Lid: 26937
Lid: 21921 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 27962 ROP: ropExtendedError [250]
Lid: 1494 ---- Remote Context Beg --
Lid: 26426 ROP: ropLogon [254]
Lid: 17597 Error: 0x0
Lid: 22787 Error: 0x0
Lid: 13032 StoreEc: 0x8004010F
Lid: 25848
Lid: 7588 StoreEc: 0x8004010F
Lid: 25840
Lid: 6564 StoreEc: 0x8004010F
Lid: 51399
Lid: 2567 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 19452
Lid: 2199 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 56415
Lid: 48223 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 17097 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 8620 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 1750 ---- Remote Context End --
Lid: 26849
Lid: 21817 ROP Failure: 0x96C
Lid: 26297
Lid: 16585 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 32441
Lid: 1706 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 24761
Lid: 20665 StoreEc: 0x96C
Lid: 25785
Lid: 29881 StoreEc: 0x96C
+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (0:Int32) [Restore-Mailbox], MapiExceptionMailboxDisabled
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : 695D5375,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.RestoreMailbox

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