The cluster network name is not online Exchange 2010 sp1 DAG

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I have a client with 2 Exchange 2010 servers in DAG. The passive is locate at another building and the two are connected via a T1 connection. Things were working ok until a few days ago. Now anytime the server reboots the cluster name\ip resource will not come back online. If I wait long enough it will eventually come back online after manually selecting bring resource on line. Both server are 2008 sp2 enterprise.

I'm getting errors event id 1025 and 1069 failoverclustering as source

This is causing my backups to fail so any help with this would greatly appreciated.



Where is your File Share Witness located? Is it up and running/healthy?

Gulab Mallah

Provide the details of those event id, it seems like you have Network Letancy or some issue with DNS, FSW.

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah

Khoj Sahiwala

Check the dependendies, Cluster logs whether cluster has been upgraded .

Run the cluster validation report , it may require a downtime or failover ( which can be avoided) and paste the result


Quote: “If I wait long enough it will eventually come back online after manually selecting bring resource on line”

Why do you need to wait long time? Is there any error if you try to bring it online immediately after the reboot?

Have any new patches or third party software been installed on the DAG members right before this issue appears?

Please check the DAG by using the suggestions in the posts above

Please refer to the links below the check the exchange server


Monitoring High Availability and Site Resilience

Event ID 1069 — Clustered Service or Application Availability



Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions. After running the cluster validation I found that I had a problem with the second nic on exch2. This is the nic used as network 2 in the cluster network. It was missing a gateway ip address. I believe a third party software that was installed on the exch2 server removed the gateway duing it's installation. After adding the gateway and rebooting the exch2 server the resource came back online on it own this time. I still need to do some more failover testing during the next maintenance window, but I think my problem is solved. I will report back and mark the question as answered after testing.

Another question, should OWA failover for internal users as well? I know it will not for external users since we do not have a CAS array.



For OWA to failover, you will need to set up load balancing for your CAS servers (either windows network LB or hardware LB). I noticed in the original post that you mention 2 servers in a DAG. If this is the case and have the CAS role installed on both servers, you would need a hardware load balancer to make OWA (and other CAS services) high available.
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