Transition from 2003 to 2010 - phase of coexistence - NDR if send a mail from moved to non moved

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we are transitioning from Ex2003 to Ex2010. Now we are in a phase of coexistence.

In general there are no problems when sending emails from 2010 to 2003 and viceversa.

The flow is regular in all relations 2003-2010, 2003-Internet, 2010-Internet.

Nevertheless in some circumstances an NDR is generated.

Initially we noted that, randomly, when a moved user sends an email with another email attached(in this case only!) to a non moved user, the email is not delivered. A deeper analysis made me realize that the phenomenon is not random. Exchange 2003 had two data stores, say A and B. The NDR takes place only when an email is sent to datastore A, while with datastore B there are no problems at all. Apparently there is no difference between the two datastores. Verified the properties and security of the two datastores but they are just the same.

I don't know what other check I can do.

Is there anyone able to give me a hint about a possible solution?

I cannot think of moving the mailboxes from datastore A to datastore B on the W2003 side and the customer is unhappy.

Thank you in advance

Sandro Marass


-----Messaggio originale---
Da: [ ]
Inviato: venerdì 26 novembre 2010 10.27
A: Smith John
Oggetto: Impossibile recapitare: test
Il recapito non è riuscito per i seguenti destinatari o gruppi:
Rossi Mario < >
Si &egrave; verificato un problema con la cassetta postale del destinatario. Provare a inviare di nuovo il messaggio. Se il problema persiste,contattare il supporto tecnico dell'organizzazione.


----Original message ----
From : [ ]

Sent: November 26 2010 10.27
To: Smith John
Subject: Impossibile to delivery: test
Delivery Failed for the following users or groups:
Rossi Mario < >
There has been a problem with the recipient mailbox. Try to send the message again. If the problem persists contact your technical support.

Translation of tracking response

Delivery report

From: John Smith

To: Mario Rossi

Sent: 11/26/2010

Delivery report for John Smith (


11/26/2010 10.27

The message has been sent to


11/26/2010 10.27

The message was transferred from to server which hosts a previous version of the mail system. The message cannot be registered furthermore.

Sandro Marass

Gen Lin


when a moved user sends an email with another email attached

Is another email attached in the below of your email body or attached as an attachment?

Try to move a user from the problem database to another, then send a mail to this user. What"s result?




after moving a user from database A (not working) to database B (working), the user began to work.

Dind't try the reverse.

Sandro Marass

Gulab Mallah

Seems like you have to disable the mailbox (Not working) and connect it back again.
Is it happening with all the users?Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah


Dear Gulab,

I don't understand your question.

The point is that if any Exchange 2010 user sends an email (with another email attached) to any non migrated recipient who has a mailbox in a 2003 Database A it gives an NDR, while the same email with the same attachment delivered to any recipient who has a mailbox in a 2003 Database B, is regularly delivered.

If the user who has a mailbox in 2003 Database A is moved into Database B, then he is able to receive the email (with another email attached) from a 2010 user.

According to my opinion this confirms that there is some permission, property, or what else that is to be changed or set on Database A, but I don't know what kind of check I should think out.
Sandro Marass

Gulab Mallah


I am sure that if you try to move this mailbox from 2003 to 2010 it will fail! Did you tried it?
Check the allowed inheritance on the mailbox and see what it is

Gulab | Skype: gulab.mallah



as I already explained, the delivery problem is not with one particular mailbox but with all the mailboxes of database A.

We are on our way of migrating mailboxes and we are doing it without trouble (so far!), so if your advise is of migrating all the mailbox in one shot, this is impossible for us.

Checked the allowed inheritance on the mailboxes. This appears to be the same on the 2003 mailboxes because it is inherited from above.
Sandro Marass
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