Restore emails to Microsoft Outlook Web Access that were drawn down by Outlook 2003 - Help PLEASE!

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Hi Guys,

I connected to an email a/c and Outlook drew down the emails leaving no copies on server i.e Microsoft Outlook Web Access inbox is now empty. I need to put the emails back into the Microsoft Outlook Web Access inbox just for this user.

How do I do it?



Hi Neil,

I'm a complete newbie to this stuff. Setting up an email a/c was difficult enough. :)

How would I open the PST in the same profile. Is this in Exchange or in Outlook 2003 on the pc? Where is the PST located?

I need a realy simple how-to unfortunately. We hold our emails locally on the server and also remotely using Outlook Web Access

Thanks for responding


Anybody....? If emails are drawn down off Outlook Web Access to Outlook 2003 with no copy left in the Outlook Web Access inbox are the emails restorable in Outlook Web Access? Do the emails go into the Deleted Items folder in Outlook Web Access so that I can restore them back to the inbox? In exchange itself can I restore the emails to their original state in Outlook Web Access?

Any how tos greatly appreciated



Hi Howster,
Per your description, you are using outlook 2003, and download the email from the server with out copy on the server, right?
So, it means that you have a local personal folder for the emails, and set it as the new emal deliverd default location, you could check the account setting of the outlook.
follow below:
open your outlook -> tools ->email accounts ->next ->change the " delever new e-mail to the following location" as the " mailbox - username"
then move the emails from the personal folder to the subfolder " inbox" of the mailbox.
change the outlook as cach mode, you could follow:
open your outlook -> tools ->email accounts ->next ->change -> check the " use cached exchange mode"
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