Outlook Not Showing All Contacts, but they are listed in Exchange - Please Help

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Hi Guys,

I'm just about to deploy our first Exchange server (Std 2010). I've created all our mail users and have imported around 15k of Contact Objects into AD that are the email addresses and names of all our sister companies staff/groups

Looking in the Recipient Config>>Mail Contact item in Exchange Management Console, I can see all the Contacts listed, the OU Structure for those is:


Our External Company Distribution lists are also set as contacts and are stored in:


Now my problem is that when I use OWA or Outlook and try to find any contact addresses, it doesn't return any of my Staff Contacts, looking a little closer, and scrolling through the list of contacts that it displays, It only seems to return contacts that are in the DistributionLists OU, but even then not all of them are listed...

Can anyone help me figure out why I cant see ALL the contacts I have in my Exchange Contacts list?

Thanks in advance


AndyD_ [MVP]

How did you create them?

If the " showInAddressBook" attribute for each account isnt populated, then you wont see them in the GAL.






showInAddressBook is the correct answer... I has to create a new Address List to get the users in there. Thanks Guys
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