Windows server 2008 and exchange 2010 certificate issue

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Yves MG

Hi all,

I have a problem when I try to process a pending certificate request. I got a public authority certificate, but can't import it to the IIS. I don't have any error message and can see the certificate itself when I just import it, but it disappear after a refresh. I just can import it many times and still the same.

I tried the same on the exchange console but when i try to import it, it just tell me there is already a certificate with this ID, but I can't see any certificate, even on the IIS console or the exchange one.

Thanks for help everybody.


Joe Tam

Dear Yves,
In the Exchange Powershell, if you type get-exchangecertificate, it should have some certificate there. Please confirm.


Yves MG

Hi Joe,

Thanks for interesting my case.

When I type get-exchangecertificate, I just have one listed with ID: 0CC386F042E8763B775FC07DBB9CB1E1AA3BC0F3

When I try to import the one I got from authority, the existing ID should be : 52CC12807BDDE95A1386B7B7315B96B334DC2F54



wich version of exchange 2010 ( SP1 or no)

how are you made your certifiactes request ?

Yves MG


Yes, the certificate authority is a public one, and I checked it anyway.


Yves MG

Hi Christophe,

I didn't install the SP1, the exchange version is 14.0 (build 639.21)

I made the certificate by using the assistant, getting a .req file, submitting it to the CA, that gave me the .cer one I tried to put on my server. The thing is when I double clic on the certificate itself on the server, when I check the details, everything seems to be fine.



Quote: “The thing is when I double clic on the certificate itself on the server, when I check the details, everything seems to be fine”

So, the certificate has been imported and visible?

What"s the certificate with thumbprint “0CC386F042E8763B775FC07DBB9CB1E1AA3BC0F3”, the self-signed exchange certificate?

Please check certificate store on the exchange server via MMC, see if certificate that you imported before exists in there. If yes, please remove it

Please use the cmdlets below to import certificate. If there"s any error or warning information, please post the output and also the related error event

Configure SSL Certificates to Use Multiple Client Access Server Host Names


Yves MG

Hi James-Luo,

No the certificate isn't imported, but I can open it.

Yes, the only certificate I have is the self-signed one.

I got the following example from the link you gave me:

Import-ExchangeCertificate -path <certificate_file_name>.cer -friendlyname " Contoso CAS01"

When I put for my example: Import-ExchangeCertificate -path webmail.cer -friendlyname " webmail" (from the folder where my certificate is, and I also tried the full path)

I get the following:

+ CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: :)) [Import-ExchangeCertificate], ParameterBindingException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : PositionalParameterNotFound,Import-ExchangeCertificate



If there is private key. You need to use credential, with correct password.

But I thing, that you need to complete certificate request, that"s why is popping up, that there is already certificate with thumbprint. Click on certificate, in Exchange management Console, than on the right side, use complete request.

Yves MG

I already tried to complet the request, but I think as I deleted everything and tried to request again, I have to buy a new certificate or?

However when I get certificate informations using get-exchangecertificate, i get 2 thumbprints:

Thumbprint Services
---------- ------
8FB0C6C8399A031D57E62F9246C27B7F5F095C7A ......
2B9383875487994DAA5FC0D9AF56F0046BC98F78 IP..S.

And when I try to complete request:

Error :
Unable to import, a existing certificate with thumbprint 52CC12807BDDE95A1386B7B7315B96B334DC2F54 already exists.



I have tested following :

Run in Exchange PowerShell : New-ExchangeCertificate &ndash;GenerateRequest &ndash;SubjectName &ldquo;&hellip;&hellip; end press Enter .

I get following Response :

Thumbprint Services Subject

---------- -------- -----
955F8A8EE66899BF21A4556D4402EA7437668D09 ..... C=TEST, O=ORG...

When i run Get-ExchangeCertificate :

Thumbprint Services Subject

---------- -------- -----
955F8A8EE66899BF21A4556D4402EA7437668D09 ..... C=TEST, O=ORG...

5A17AD4CF0832D9569A9F539B4D23CEBCEDD2246 ...WS CN=test-org,

4139609DEAA38ACD5AE36AA182FF05C8403EBA0F ....S CN=SRVHC01

A0341A1AC556F85FB1D40D5597A696164CCC85D3 IP..S

E9E2060829ADBB09BD5640AEDAA542EA4D29DC57 ....S CN=SRVHC01

So thumbprint is inside, but no services assigned.

Then i contact my local CA, and Submit a certificate request by using a bas 64&hellip;.past a text

Then i save certnew.cer file local on Exchange server.

Then i run flowing command : Import-ExchangeCertificate -path c:\certnew.cer

The response is different Thumbprint :

Thumbprint Services Subject

---------- -------- -----
7C0727C183A86ABB98269C2FBDAE458F750E6DAD ..... CN=TEST-ORG...

End if i run now Get-ExchangeCertificate

Origimnal Req Thumbprint 955F8A8EE66899BF21A4556D4402EA7437668D09 is replaced with 7C0727C183A86ABB98269C2FBDAE458F750E6DAD

So be sure to check colum Subject, you might already imported certificate, and you wrongly generate Certificate request ? Check local computer Certificate store with mmc. Look at System event log for Warning HttpEvent with ID : 15300 & 15301.

For more, i would have to go on your machine, to see what is wrong.


Besides the suggestion from MailStane, please also try to use the examples in this article if you confirmed that the certificate hasn"t been imported yet


Yves MG

Hi all,

Thanks for answers, I could get ride of this problem by regenerating a certificate.

I don't know how, the certificate I ordered from the CA was corrupted, I used the insurrance to regenerate it and could import it by using the exchange management console. Here is exactly what I did:

In the exchange management console, I did a new request and defined the fqdn for my request, and not a wilcard as specified by default, then got my request file, copied the content as CSR and finally got the right certificate from the public authority that I could import as well.

I think I made a mistake by copying or pasting, maybe some missing caracters.

The strange thing is I can't get the import cmdlet command work as it always tell me there is something wrong with the -path, however, as it worked with the console, everything is ok for me now.

Thanks again everybody for spending time on my case.



Glad you solved the issue

In this TechNet article for the &ldquo;Import-ExchangeCertificate&rdquo; cmdlet, there"s no &ldquo;Path&rdquo; parameter. The cmdlet needs to use &ldquo;FileData&rdquo; parameter for importing the files via EMS

MaliStane, you can use the &ldquo;Path&rdquo; parameter when attempting to import the certificate?

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