New-MailboxImportRequest and Polish encoding problem

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I have a problem using New-MailboxImportRequest command to import pst files form Exchange 2000 – imported mails are in wrong code page (my polish native signs like Ä…,Ä™,Å›… are display completely different). When I try to use Outlook to import data everything is ok. How can I fix this or maybe there it another way to import data from pts with right encoding?


Hi dominik,

Are all softwares same Polish language version?

pst file, Exchange 2010 SP1, windows 2008 OS and Outlook,and client OS.



Windows Server 2008, Exchange 2010 and all server stuff are in english language version and client OS and Outlook are polish versions - of course regional setting on servers are set to polish.


I had to use exterlan tool to convert pst to unicode - unfortunetly ms tools don't work with its own files :)
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