Extreme growing transaction log

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I've got a strange issue with a database which has an extreme fast growing transaction log.
Found out which item is causing the trouble. Looks like that IPM.Configuration.OWA.UserOptions in one mailbox
changes or does something a few times every second. Taht causes a lot transaction log but the database is not increasing.
When I execute get-mailboxstatistics for that mailbox, it shows me the exact same amount of items as before.

It's the already the second time that I have this problem. The first time, I just deleted the mailbox and recreated it. But now I
want to know how this problem happens.

Is there any command or tool out there, which can show me the item (I don't like to search through hardly readable transaction logs)
I'd really want to know what's happening within this database.

Is this a known problem?

3x Exchange 2010 Ent. SP1 + SR1 on Windows 2008 R2
All DB's are replicated with a DAG
There are no error or warning logs

Thanks for your help
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