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4.3.2 432 STOREDRV.Deliver; recipient thread limit exceeded

Discussion in 'Exchange Server Questions' started by aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP], Dec 1, 2010.

  1. aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]

    aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]

    These messages are showing up in the queue from time to time, what is the limit that is being exceeded?
  2. Jonas Andersson [MCITP]

    Jonas Andersson [MCITP]

    Maximum receivers? 5000?

    Post the full error message

    Jonas Andersson MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007/2010 | MCITP: EMA 2007/2010 | MCSE/MCSA Blog: http://www.testlabs.se/blog
  3. Matt Giampapa

    Matt Giampapa

    We get this same error on delivery of our Journal messages to the Journal mailbox database. It's a the temporary error reported in the database delivery queue. We have already tried setting a throttling policy to unlimited for just about every value.

    Last Error: 432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.Deliver; recipient thread limit exceeded
  4. Matt Giampapa

    Matt Giampapa

    After talking to Microsoft PSS, we found that there is a not yet publicly documented key you can add to EdgeTransport.exe.config to up the number of threads used to deliver mail and to up the number of database connections.
    <add key=" RecipientThreadLimit" value=" 2" />
    <add key=" MaxMailboxDeliveryPerMdbConnections" value=" 3" />

    The defaults for these keys when undefined are 1 and 2 receptively. Hopefully this will be put on TechNet soon.

    So far this has resolved the problem for us, but we will know on Monday when we hit peek traffic for journaling.
  5. aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]

    aaarrrggghhhb [MCITP]

    Thanks Matt, Ill try that and see if that alleviates the problem.
  6. maxnchej


    We are just setting up a new exchange 2010 enviroment and are almost ready to put users on it. We turned on public folder replication last night and started getting the 432 4.3.2 STOREDRV.Deliver; recipient thread limit exceeded error message when you looked at the mail quqe. I made the change listed above and it has seemed to address some of my issues. Is there any more details on these settings?

    Is this type of change supported by MS?
  7. Josh Warcop

    Josh Warcop

    I've also posted in the parnter forums about this.

    I have confirmed that this also causes issues with a large amount of public folder replication. It looks like the wrong EdgeTransport.exe.config file was pushed with the SP1 installation. The file is missing a lot of expected values to control the prioritization agent and mdb throttling - not just the two settings mentioned above.

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