problem when i'm sending email with attachment in outlook 2007...sometimes the other user receive th

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michalis savva

some users in my company try to send emails with attachments.....for some reason sometimes the recepeint see the attachment but sometimes not...

can u help me please?

mant thanks


I assume that the exchange version is exchange 2010 since you posted the question in exchange 2010 forum

As you mentioned the outlook client version is 2007, does it mean that the issue doesn"t occur in the other outlook client versions?

When you said that sometimes the issue appear and sometimes not, does it all appear on the same recipient?

Please confirm if the issue happens to all outlook 2007 client users

Pleas verify if the issue happens when you attempted to send a mail with attachment via OWA

Please check if the issue only happens on a specific format of the attachment

Please check message tracking log for the problematic message for troubleshooting

Please also use the Pipeline Tracing to check if the issue is caused by exchange server when the messages transferred in the transport pipeline. Please disable the tracing after the troubleshooting


Configure Message Tracking

Enable Pipeline Tracing

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