Continual issues with Exchange / Outlook 2010 "Cache Mode"

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Neil Hiorns

Since moving over to Exchange and Outlook 2010 we have had continual issues with the " Cache Mode" feature, namely that synchronization seems to be sporadic. The latest issue we have is with one of our users calendars, if you try to book an appointment with her at 11:00 - 11:30 on the 18th Jan it shows an appointment, however, in her calendar which is in cached mode there is no such appointment as she deleted some time ago. I took her out of cached mode and the appointment still exists.

I also suspect that there are a number of other appointments that have also not sync'ed so I have two question;

Why is this happening in the first place?

Is there a ways to force a sync', with the cached mode version being the primary?

I have tried going into " Send / Receive" and " Send/Receive All Folder" and also pressed F9. Other issues I have seen are mailbox quotas still showing as breached, even though the users have cleared down and waited a couple of hours and in some cases a few days. I would do away with " Cached Mode" altogether if I could but we have a large number of laptops, plus Microsoft recommend its use to reduce resource usage.


Other issues I have seen are mailbox quotas still showing as breached

Did the user moved mail to a PST or even better did you enabled Exchange 2010 Archiving?
I had an similiar issue that was solved by letting the user do a reboot of his system and then the mailbox size had correct size .

Gulab Mallah

Is it happening with ONE user only?
You will have to download the full OAB

If its happening with one user, than you might want to create new Outlook Profile!

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Novak Wu

Please answer Gulab"s question and let us know whether the issue only occurs on certain user or each user. Do you mean that the issue persists when you use Outlook in Online Mode?

At this stage, I suggest you try to book an appointment via OWA to check the result. Also, please refresh the free/busy information by running Outlook with the /CleanFreeBusy command-line switch on the computer that is experiencing problems publishing free/busy information.

1. Click Start > Run.

2. In the Open box, type the command and press Enter: outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy



Neil Hiorns

Thanks Novak, if I run the /CleanFreeBusy command which 'calander' will take precedence, the cached or online version? I would like the cached version to take precedence if possible.

In answer to Gulab's question, in regard to this issue with the calendar is occuring as far as I am aware to just one person but the information is the cached mode (OST) is the most up to date as far as the user is concerned and this data needs to be preserved if possible.

Novak Wu

The outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy command just clears the free and busy information on the local problematic machine. You can also consider the information in cached mode is cleared by the command.

Since the issue only occurs on the certain machine, we can eliminate the Exchange server cause. It can occur by the client Outlook settings. Please take your times to run the command to check the result. If the issue persists, please create a new profile for a test.

As we only discuss the Exchange issue on the pure Exchange product environment in this forum, I suggest you create a new thread in the Office Outlook forum. Regarding to the Outlook issue, the Office Outlook team will have enough resource which we do not have. Thank you for your understanding.



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